Empowering Africa: #Appp 2023 – A Three-day Triumph Of Knowledge And Collaboration

Morocco, October 24- 26, 2023 – The 13th Africa Public-Private Partnerships Conference 2023 (#APPP) a transformative three-day- day has concluded, marking a significant milestone in the realm of PPP knowledge sharing and collaboration. The event brought together over 160+ PPP experts, distinguished speakers, and leaders from both the public and private sectors, along with a prominent lineup of sponsors and partners making it a resounding success. This monumental gathering was made possible through the steadfast support of the Ministry of Finance and Economy, Kingdom of Morocco, in partnership with sponsors ALSF, CNP-PPP, and G. Elias, alongside partners such as AQUAFED, AFFECTIO MUTANDI, AFRIKA-VEREIN DER DEUTSCHEN WIRTSCHAFT E. V., AVCA, AHK, and AMIC.

Mastering PPPs: The Prequel
The journey began with the Master Classon October 24, 2023, which witnessed over 50+ esteemed C-level executives in Morocco. It was an unparalleled success marked by intensive knowledge sharing, impactful networking, best practice case studies, and enthusiastic audience participation. The training received overwhelmingly positive feedback, cementing its status as a game-changer in the world of PPPs.
This groundbreaking master class featured distinguished speakers who shared their expertise, including:

  • Professor Pedro Mateus das Neves, Founder & CEO of Global Solutions
  • Mehdi Oomar, Legal Counsel at the African Legal Support Facility (ALSF)
  • Primah Atugonza, Senior Legal Counsel and Head of PPP/Infrastructure Portfolio at ALSF
  • Anass Nadem, Director of Infrastructure & Capital Projects at Deloitte Financial Advisory

Day 1 Highlights:

The first day of #APPP2023 commenced with Opening Remarks from Primah Atugonza, Chair of WAPPP Africa, and Fidelis Adewole, Managing Partner at G. Elias. The welcome address by Khalid Sbia, Director of Direction des entreprises publiques et de la privatization, set the stage for what would become a remarkable event.

Session 1 featured an engaging discussion on the key steps for PPP continuity. Expert speakers, including Adele Paris from IFC, emphasized the critical factors of time, budget, and political commitment, highlighting their complementary nature in successful PPP projects.

Session 2 explored strategies to enhance infrastructure in Africa efficiently. Topics included the utilization of development funds, the sustainability of guarantees, the role of technical assistance, and the significance of government bonds in project financing. Insights from experts like Meriem Bennani and Patrick Kouame enriched the discussions.

Session 3 centered on Moroccan infrastructure, underlining its role in the nation’s economic development. Challenges, opportunities, and successful projects were candidly discussed, paving the way for future collaborations.

Session 4 shone a spotlight on project readiness, with discussions on prioritization, financial sustainability analysis, strategies for new revenue streams, risk management, and budgetary adherence. Experts like Augusto Dembo and Atef Majdoub shared valuable insights.

Day 2 Highlights:

Day 2 continued the journey with Session 1, focusing on the roadmap for PPP continuity. Expert speakers unanimously emphasized time, budget, and political commitment as key factors for successful partnerships.

Session 5 delved into infrastructure enhancement in Africa, discussing the strategic deployment of development funds, guarantees of sustainability, and the pivotal role of technical assistance. The importance of government bonds in project financing ignited intriguing discussions.

Moroccan stakeholders took center stage in Session 3, addressing infrastructure’s role in the nation’s economic development. The discussions explored challenges, opportunities, and real-world examples of successful projects, fostering impactful collaborations.

Session 6 highlighted the crucial phase of project preparation. Experts examined prioritization, financial sustainability, risk management, and budget adherence, imparting the knowledge and tools for profitable and well-managed projects.

Session 7 navigated the complex world of transport infrastructure, drawing from experiences in Morocco, Nigeria, and Tunisia. Port strategies, risk mitigation, and investment management were key areas of discussion.

Session 8 celebrated the prowess of PPPs in renewable energies and waste-to-energy projects. Project leaders underscored meticulous preparation, robust communication, and rigorous evaluation as the cornerstones of success.

Shaping the Future

The 13th Africa PPP Conference – #APPP2023 is not just an event; it’s a catalyst for change in Africa’s development landscape. With resounding success and a commitment to excellence, it’s empowering the continent and reshaping the future of PPPs.