The Longest-Running Public-Private Partnerships event in Africa hosted in both Northern and Southern Africa

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22-24 October

Casablanca | Morocco

Hyatt Regency Hotel
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Morocco, October 22- 24, 2024

AME Trade is proud to bring you Africa’s longest-running PPP Africa summit.

The conference returns to Casablanca, Morocco; promising to deliver new and relevant public-private partnership opportunities, and industry insights across Africa.

Held under the theme of “Scaling up PPPs to address Infrastructure Investment Gaps”, the event will highlight the importance of Private Public Partnerships and the key role they play in the development of Infrastructure on the continent. The conference programme will showcase more African PPP bankable projects, bring you updates on best practice projects, include dedicated industry sector discussions, and explore avenues for closing the funding gap.

The 14th Africa PPP Conference – #APPP2024 is not just an event; it’s a catalyst for change in Africa’s development landscape. With resounding success and a commitment to excellence, it’s empowering the continent and reshaping the future of PPPs.

Leaders Unite to Enhance Infrastructure Solutions

The Africa PPP Infrastructure Investment and Partnerships Summit (Africa PPP) returns to Morocco for its 14th edition just as the country begins to prepare to co-host the 2030 FIFA World Cup football tournament with multibillion dollar infrastructure projects lined up. Participants at this year’s event can therefore expect to hear the latest updates, and strategies for the planned infrastructure investments and projects.

The theme underscores the critical role of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and other forms of private sector financing in developing infrastructure across Africa as a solution to bridge the continent’s multi-billion-dollar annual infrastructure development financing gap. The 14th edition will specifically aim to scale up PPPs and innovative financing models by showcasing bankable African infrastructure projects and connecting project owners/developers with investors, financiers and contractors to accelerate the closure of the funding gap and help solve Africa’s infrastructure challenges

Africa PPP once again offers you everything under 1 roof over just 3 days!

You will have access to project delivery fundamentals, best practices and advanced project structuring delivery panels. The conference will feature keynote addresses and include project showcase sessions, only for your benefit. Africa PPP has been always offering unparalleled networking.

What's New ?

Industry-Based Programme: Developed with insights from industry
experts, ensuring relevant and strategic discussions.

Masterclass Workshop: Dedicated one-day capacitybuilding workshop on Project Preparation to enhance skills for successful project financing

Site Visits: Specially curated and organised visits to relevant
infrastructure and project site to provide practical insight to the
rich conference program.

New Industry Sectors: Explore smart corridors, crossborder PPPs
and infrastructure projects as well as innovative digital & technological PPPs

African Infrastructure Opportunities: Disciver an expanded line-up of PPP projects and other investable opportunities in infrastructure across Africa.

Moroccan Infrastructure Showcase: Learn about specific infrastructure opportunities in Morocco and engage directly with some of those driving the key projects.

Updated Content: Stay informed about the latest trends, challenges, and investment opportunities in the PPP sector and the wider infrastructure ecosystem.

Networking: Connect face to face with relevant industry leaders, investors, and policymakers to accelerated key projects


PPP Units, Ministries, SEO’s, Public Utilities
Transaction, Legal and Technical Advisors, Consultants, Bankers

Why Morocco ?

 •  Morocco aims to bridge its projected $37 billion infrastructure investment gap by 2040 through a focused approach on roads, ports, airports, rail links, and energy, with renewables receiving over half of the upcoming $4 billion investment

 •  Transportation leads ongoing infrastructure projects in Morocco, comprising 68% of investments.

 •  Strategic plans like the 2040 Rail Strategy and the Noor Ouarzazate solar plan position Morocco as an appealing destination for infrastructure investments

 •  Morocco’s bid to co-host the FIFA 2030 World Cup is driving substantial funding towards vital infrastructure projects in the country

 •  Infrastructure investments in Morocco are propelling growth and development, with energy and transportation emerging as top priorities

Join us in Morocco in October 2024

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