Mr Mpili

President’s Office-Regional Administration & Local Government (PO RALG) PPP Node


Mr Mpili has headed the President’s Office-Regional Administration & Local Government (PO RALG) PPP Node since its formation four years ago. He is responsible for the PPP program of Tanzania’s Local Governments. With around 20 PPPs in preparation, the program is seeing local governments achieve their mandate of delivering essential public services despite tight fiscal constraints. Mr. Mpili has championed the need to align the PPPs with community needs and is leading the application of Tanzania’s Community Engagement Guideline. He previously held senior procurement positions within the Ministry, and holds the CP3P (Preparation) certification.

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Today we wrapped #AfricaPPP's 11th Edition. Warm thanks to all our Attendees, Speakers & ... Sponsors. Breakthroughs and Amazing opportunities were explored in terms of Public Private Partnerships. Shout-out to our amazing AME Trade team who made #AFRICAPPP a success over the years

Session 8 panel discussion: transport partnerships, high potential projects, ports, port ... managements, engineering, storage & logistics. Moderator: Elifas Luaanda, PPP Expert, Namibia. @africappp #AFRICAPPP

@africappp #AFRICAPPP


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